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My Magic Shrooms-12,000 mg High Potency Mushrooms

My Magic Shrooms-12,000 mg High Potency Mushrooms

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My Magic Shrooms High Potency Mushroom Gummies 10ct

Crooked Creations is well known for its highly potent blends and flavor-packed terpene profiles. The masterminds behind My Magic Mushrooms bring that same energy with this proprietary magic mushroom line!

These potent gummies aren’t for the faint of heart. If users want an intense experience from their magic mushroom products, these gummies will surely provide that! In the current landscape, companies are creating either micro-dose style or macro-dose style products.

Each type of product has a proper time and a place. Users would want to avoid enjoying a macro-dose experience mid-week before an exam, but a micro-dose could be beneficial, providing users with focus, clarity, and different perspectives.

What Effects Can I Expect From These Magic Mushroom Gummies?

Enough My Magic Shrooms gummies will have users questioning the fabric of reality with their mom in the living room. Although these gummies are highly potent, these delectable treats could be used as a micro-dose or macro-dose, depending on how many are consumed. That makes these the perfect option for new travelers and veteran users, too!

My Magic Shrooms High Potency Mushroom Gummies come in a cardboard box that contains a 10ct sleeve of gummies. Each gummy contains an ultra-potent 1200mg blend of proprietary mushrooms and tryptamines that legally scratch that psychedelic itch without Psilocybin or Psilocin! Let these gummies be a gateway to elevated moments and alternate realities!

What Is The Suggested Use And Dosing?

Dosing and effects may vary from person to person. There are many variables to consider, such as user experience, user tolerance, metabolic efficiency, is the user on SSRIs, etc. Side note: users of SSRIs will experience significantly blunted effects and no visuals as SSRIs and psychedelics compete over the same receptors.

  • One Gummy- This would be considered a micro-dose; users may experience increased mood enhancement and relaxation.
  • Two Gummies- Two gummies would still be considered a micro-dose, but users will begin to feel a euphoric, uplifting buzz.
  • Three Gummies- The party starts with three gummies! Users can expect to see mild psychedelic visuals paired with euphoria.
  • Four Gummies- Users are officially leaving the micro-dose level. They will experience potent effects, including an intense psychedelic experience and time dilation.
  • Five Or More Gummies- This would be considered a macro-dose or what experiences users call a heroic dose, especially beyond five gummies. Users may experience a complete perception shift and see alternate realities.

Not only have they created a potent and downright tasty product, but My Magic Mushrooms is the epitome of quality, consistency, and enchanting experiences. They have sourced only the finest mushrooms and tryptamines to carefully curate these powerful gummies, including non-GMO and vegan ingredients.

They have launched this high-potency mushroom gummy line in three tasty flavors, which we’ll list below!

Flavor Profile:

  • Blue Envy (Blue Raspberry Flavor)- The gentle sweetness of blue raspberries blends seamlessly with earthy notes, guiding you to a tranquil and balanced state.

Product Features:

  • Available In A 10ct Sleeve (12,000mg Active Ingredients)
  • Each Gummy Contains A 1200mg High-Potency Proprietary Mushroom And Tryptamine Blend
  • NO THC, NO CBD, NO Psilocybin Or Psilocin
  • Can Be Used As A Micro-Dose Or Macro-Dose Product Depending On How Many Consumed
  • Non-GMO + Vegan Ingredients
  • Three Immensely Flavorful Fruity Options
  • Third-Party Tested + Certified


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