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Exodus High-Potency Indoor THCa Flower 8g

Exodus High-Potency Indoor THCa Flower 8g

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 Exodus High-Potency Indoor THCa Flower 8g-Gorilla Glue

Get your hands on 8 grams of thick, dense, and extremely potent Gorilla Glue THC-A flower! Sustainably farmed and indoor grown, this hybrid strain will have you swinging from the trees with its powerful effects. Don't monkey around, try Exodus Gorilla Glue today! 

🌳 8 Grams
🌳 Sustainably Farmed
🌳 < 0.3% Delta-9 THC
🌳 Thick, dense buds
🌳 Indoor Grown
🌳 Extremely potent
🌳 Gorilla Glue strain
🌳 Hybrid

🌳 Pungent flavors, hints of pine, and other Earthy flavors                                          🌳 Over 25% in THCA!

What Makes This THCa Flower A Top Shelf Experience?

As mentioned, each batch is meticulously cultivated to yield maximum THCa percentages, cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This ensures potency and health and wellness entourage effects for a full spectrum feel! This flower is perfect for herb connoisseurs as well as new users.

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