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Exodus CB9A + THCa + THCP Diamond Sauce Disposable 8g

Exodus CB9A + THCa + THCP Diamond Sauce Disposable 8g

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Exodus CB9A + THCa + THCP Diamond Sauce Disposable 8g-Golden Pineapple- Sativa

Exodus Diamond Sauce Collection Disposables contain an ultra-potent 8g blend of CB9A, THCa, THCP, and Diamond Sauce Concentrate. Users can expect a unique set of hard-hitting and long-lasting entourage effects paired with a burst of flavor in every hit!

Exodus CB9A + THCa + THCP Diamond Sauce Disposable 8g is the most potent and innovative product yet to hit the hemp-derived scene. Leave it to our hemp-loving friend’s favorite alternative products company to bring the heat!  Not only have they meticulously crafted top-of-the-line hardware for a premium vaping experience, but they have introduced an entirely new cannabinoid!

This blend checks all the boxes if users are looking for an ultra-potent and highly unique set of effects. This blend fuses the industry’s most powerful cannabinoids with the industry’s favorite, then adds something special on top! This blend is also infused with a mouthwatering and potent diamond sauce concentrate to wrap it all up.

Exodus Diamond Sauce Collection Disposables contain a unique and high-potency 8g blend of CB9A, THCa, THCP, and Diamond Sauce concentrate. Users can expect to feel the effects of CB9A and THCa first. This includes a heady, euphoric buzz with mood enhancement and a mild buzz.

THCP comes into play later in the buzz, extending and enhancing the effects while adding a more euphoric and profound body buzz. The diamond sauce concentrate adds another layer of potency and a wide range of entourage effects. Now, let’s get into what CB9A is.

Product Features

  • 8g Disposable Vape (8000mg Active Ingredients)
  • Blend Of CB9A, THCa, And THCP
  • Diamond Sauce Infused
  • Golden Pineapple Sativa
  • Button-Activated + Pre-heat And Variable Voltage
  • Smart LED Screen + Oil Volume System
  • USBC Rechargeable
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

What Is The CB9A Cannabinoid?

CB9 is a brand-new hemp-derived cannabinoid that has been recently discovered. It has been called the golden child in the world of hemp and offers excellent potential. CB9 is extracted from CBD isolate, but unlike CBD, it is much stronger and provides a significant head change in users. It is known to have effects and therapeutic benefits similar to Delta 8 THC.

Of Course, there is always a way to make something more robust, which is what the Exo Club has discovered! They added acetate to CB9’s structure to make this discovery more potent, turning it into CB9A. CB9A’s structure resembles CBD and H4CBD but acts like Delta 9.

It also binds to CB1 receptors like regular THC but more intense, similar to other potent hemp-derived cannabinoids. Adding this acetate increases potency levels from being similar to Delta 8 to more in line with Delta 9 effects.

The most significant benefit of CB9A is that it doesn’t crystallize like regular THC. This creates diversity and the potential for more products to be made in the future. Although much research is still needed, this cannabinoid is promising. It could last through any hemp regulations due to how it is extracted and manufactured.

How Does The Hardware Compare To Other Devices?

The Exodus team has really stepped it up compared to their previous devices and other devices currently on the market. Every disposable has a compact and discreet box-style design built to last. Each device is loaded with features so users can fully customize the experience.

These devices are button-activated and include pre-heat and variable voltage options! Users click five times to turn the device on or off, two times to change voltages and three times for a 10-second pre-heat. They have also installed a smart LED screen, allowing customers to see battery life, oil volume, and temperatures. Last, every disposable has a USBC port for fast charging, so users never experience much downtime.

Exo Club has launched this disposable in five flavor profiles, including classic cannabis strain profiles. Users can choose Hybrid, Sativa, or Indica options.

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