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1:1 CBD & DELTA 8 Topical Salve-1500mg

1:1 CBD & DELTA 8 Topical Salve-1500mg

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1:1 CBD & DELTA 8 Topical Salve-1500mg

Cannabinoids have tremendous healing effects on earthlings even when used externally. Thus, we have developed a topical rub taking advantage of this along with numerous other natural healing compounds offered by our planet’s flora.

Salve Contains: 

  • Luxurious Lavender
  • 750MG of Delta 8
  • 750MG of CBD
  • Lavender Essential Oils
  • 5.44oz

Some users simply don't want to enjoy hemp through edibles or oils. Instead, these users want to introduce CBD and delta 8 into their lives through different means. Whether you're looking for muscle support, joint relief, an addition to your wellness routine or additional moisture for the skin; our CBD+Delta 8 salve may be the solution for you.

Experience all the benefits CBD and delta 8 have to offer. Since your skin is the largest organ, it can absorb the salve quickly and easily.

Effects with our CBD+Delta 8 salve begin as soon as your skin absorbs the product. 


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