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CBD Starter Pack

CBD Starter Pack

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CBD Starter Pack

If you’re trying CBD for the first time, our medium strength starter kit is just what you need to get started. This all-in-one pack is comprised of our medium concentration bottle of (3%) Raw CBD Oil, 30 of our tasteless Raw CBD oil capsules and one CBD lips and skin balm. As oil and capsule ingestion differ in their benefits, we’ve combined both in one kit for you to try for yourself!


When considering trying CBD oil for the first time, you may be left wondering which product is right for you. Our CBD starter pack is perfect for those that need a helping hand with their first CBD experience.

Our CBD starter pack allows you to try both Endoca's Raw Hemp OIl capsules and Raw CBD Oil in medium strength, along with the CBD + Lip Balm There are varying benefits in choosing our RAW hemp oil compared to our RAW hemp oil capsules. We understand it all comes down to your personal preference, which is why we offer the Endoca starter pack.



  • Promotes calm & relaxation
  • Supports daily wellness
  • CBD oil and CBD capsules in one pack
  • Boosts focus & concentration
  • SAVE money on your purchase
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Try multiple products at once


  1. Raw Hemp Oil Drops 300 mg CBD +CBDa (10ml)
  2. Raw Hemp Oil Capsules 300mg CBD (30 capsules)
  3. CBD lips + skin 20mg CBD


RAW CBD Oil – 300mg CBD+CBDa (Medium):Start with a low dose, either 5-15 drops per day until you find a dose you feel comfortable with.

RAW CBD Oil Capsules – 300mg CBD+CBDa (Medium):Begin with 1 capsule and up-titrate until you find your CBD sweet spot. Ingest orally with fluids. Take morning, midday or evening.

CBD Lips + Skin Balm: Suitable for daily use. Can be applied to lips and skin.

Store all products in a cool dry place. Avoid exposure to heat or sunlight


Raw indicates that there are still acidic compounds left intact in the hemp extract. Raw CBD products remain close to the original plant and haven’t been changed through the curing and heating process of decarboxylation. That means that cannabinoid acids, minor cannabinoids, and other plant properties are still present.

Using methods such as CO2 extraction; raw extract is created using natural hemp plant material. This method extracts an entourage of compounds from raw plant material without the use of chemicals. Leaving you with CBDa and CBD intact.

Not only does this preserve CBDa, but it also preserves a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes and trace compounds that are all known to have potential health benefits. In other words, raw CBD products have a larger spectrum of cannabinoids than the decarb product.



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