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Trying CBD For the First Time

As CBD becomes a more popular alternative in treating chronic conditions, many are left wondering the basics. Questions like “what is CBD exactly” and where they should begin when it comes to trying CBD are common.

There are several myths surrounding CBD and often these misconceptions will discourage individuals from getting started on a path to wellness through natural alternatives. Let’s start with the basics.

What is CBD?
Cannabidiols (CBD) just one of many active compounds found in the cannabis plant.
Why Are People Using CBD?
Many people are turning to CBD as a natural alternative to conventional medicine. According to Hempfrontiers, “the benefit and appeal of natural treatment options for many people lie solely in this comparison between alternative and conventional medicine…” The source points out that while “pharmaceutical drugs frequently cause unwanted side effects and adverse reactions,” “herbal medicine is thought to utilize the body’s natural healing abilities, versus working against it.” It goes on to explain that “CBD interacts with a system already present in the body”. Other reasons why people are motivated to try CBD for the first time is the cost; CBD is less costly than traditional meds and it’s fairly easy to acquire, as you don’t need a prescription to obtain CBD products.

Where to Begin When Trying CBD?

Everyone is different, with his or her own unique needs; therefore, many find that a starter pack which includes a variety of products is the best way when trying CBD for the first time. This way you can test different delivery methods in both CBD oils and

to determine which one is best for

you. The main difference lies in how CBD is ingested as well as the amount of time taken for absorption. The Endoca CBD starter pack allows you to try both the RAW CBD Oil Capsules and RAW CBD Oil in medium strength, it also comes with a CBD Lip+Skin balm.
You can receive a free consultation from one of our wellness coaches, simply use our chat feature to get started. They’ve received excellent reviews on their approach to individualized care and support.

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