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The FDA just refused to regulate CBD

The FDA just refused to regulate CBD – Buying Known Brands is More Important Than Ever

In an industry as dynamic as the hemp and CBD market, change is the only constant. One recent development that has sent ripples across the wellness industry is the FDA’s decision not to regulate CBD as a dietary supplement. While this announcement has raised concerns about product quality and safety, it also underscores the critical importance of purchasing from established, trustworthy brands.

At Wellness Wagon by CBD Relief, we understand the anxiety this news might have induced among many CBD users. Rest assured, though, that this change does not necessarily spell trouble for all industry players. In fact, it brings into focus a guiding principle we’ve championed since our inception: Trust in quality, established brands is paramount.

Buying Known Brands is More Important Than Ever

Our shelves are stocked with products from brands like Endoca, Elixinol, and CBD Living—companies that have built a reputation for excellence over the last 25+ years. These companies adhere to strict guidelines, many of which are enforced by state regulatory bodies in California and Colorado.

California and Colorado are two states known for their rigorous standards when it comes to hemp cultivation and CBD production. These guidelines ensure that only top-quality, safe products reach consumers. This includes testing for contaminants, accurate labeling, and ensuring products are produced in a manner that’s both ethical and sustainable. By following such stringent regulations, brands like Endoca, Elixinol, and CBD Living demonstrate their commitment to offering products that are not just beneficial, but also safe and reliable.

Buy from Retailers who Value Education

In an industry that is evolving and growing as quickly as the hemp and CBD market, education is paramount. That’s why at Wellness Wagon by CBD Relief, we make it a priority to ensure that our team members are not just salespersons—they’re certified CBD consultants. Our employees are educated by pioneers in CBD education, providing them with a deep understanding of the nuances of CBD products and their applications. This level of knowledge means that when you visit Wellness Wagon, you’re getting advice from true industry experts.

So, while the FDA’s recent announcement may have caused some uncertainty, it’s important to remember that not all CBD is created equal. By sticking with established brands known for their commitment to quality, like the ones we offer at Wellness Wagon, consumers can continue to use CBD products with confidence.

In times of change, you can trust Wellness Wagon by CBD Relief to guide you. We’ve built our business on a foundation of trust, quality, and education, and that’s something we believe in now more than ever. As we like to say, we are the “CBD you can trust”. So, while the industry continues to evolve, know that our commitment to offering quality, trusted products remains steadfast. We’re here to help navigate these changing times together.

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