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Maintaining Balance, It’s Not A Destination 3 Helpful Tips

As we look to improve and lead our best quality life, there are a few tips experts agree are important to consider in your path to maintaining balance. Even the most consciences minds among us admit to having lived a point in their lives without optimal balance. Recognizing life will have it’s ups and downs, maintaining a balance is essential to happiness. Countless articles have covered its value and  what it means to maintain balance such as the one in Everyday Health which points out “Balanced living means considering all aspects of your life: relationships, work, fitness and health, and emotional well-being.”    Here are a few ways to stay on course.

TIP #1 Start by Assessing where you are

Let’s face it, despite the happy images we see on social media, life is far from perfect. Those happy shots posts are just that, snap shots of a moment in time which is being celebrated or show cased. Reality is we all have struggles and these will not go away. Put things in perspective and consider whether In spite of life’s challenges, you are happy, content, or growing as an individual? These are all aspects of maintaining balance.  Take inventory of your feelings and whether you’re satisfied with how you are living your life. Acknowledge you have a role to play in the state you’re in and decide what changes if any need to be made.

Achieving Balance
What Does Balance Look Like For You?

Tip #2 Assign a Place in Your Life For Everything That Matters

Life is hectic; people, responsibilities, and daily tasks tug at us constantly.  Make time for the things that matter most to you. Health and wellness should not be something we compromise on. Taking care of yourself should be a priority. Make certain everything you value is scheduled as this is the only way to ensure time is being dedicated.

Tip # 3 Accept Balance as an Ongoing Task

Balance is not something that will simply fall into place. Remember those new year’s resolutions that got put off and eventually forgotten? We must constantly work to maintain balance; it’s not a destination you can arrive at but rather a road you choose to travel on constantly. Sticking with this metaphor, there will be stops, slowdowns and even mishaps as you try to achieve balance- however the important point is to get back on course each time and accept these setbacks.

You’ve probably figured out by now the tips provided address mainly your state of being and how you perceive yourself. This is not just where balance begins, but also where it resides. Bonus tip: begin and end each day with a positive intention for yourself.


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