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CBD Relief sources the best CBD products in the market to fit the varied needs of our customers. We do the research for you to ensure you can trust any product purchased from us. Since we carry multiple brands, we have a variety of products for all your needs. All of our brands lab test their products. Lab tests are available upon request.

Our team is standing by for phone consultations. Let us help you figure out which products work best for you and your budget.

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DREAM Water Soluble Hemp CBD Beverage Drops

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Be Trū Wellness™ Phytonutrient Beverage Drops are designed to give you the added boost you need without harsh stimulants or unhealthy chemicals that can make you feel worse later. These all natural ingredient blends are enhanced with smart delivery technology that increases the bioavailability to unleash the maximum potency that you are looking for!

You need proper rest to feel your best. Get your sleep and DREAM without feeling groggy the next day. Simply squeeze into water or your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Water Soluble CBD
Terpene profile
100 Mg of Nano Amplified CBD which is equal to 1000Mg of bioavailable CBD
Just add to water or your favorite beverage
Lab Tested Non-GMO Vegan Gluten-Free
Naturally Favored Beta-Caryophyllene and a proprietary hemp extract, Canatrū™
No Sugar added
Nano-Technology reduces molecule size of hemp for greater absorption Drug free/Non-Addictive All-Natural Infused with powerful micro-nutrients

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