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CBD Living Freeze Product Spot Light

It’s a go to product by so many happy clients so we decided to do a CBD Living Freeze Product review with everything you need to know before you shop for CBD Living Freeze. As CBD gains popularity in virtually everything from health supplements to beauty products, it’s no wonder people are finding themselves more confused each day about which CBD products to trust. How do you know which brands to trust and which product is best suited to meet your specific needs? Luckily, finding  the best products in a market Forbes predicts could be worth 20 billion by 2024 is at the very heart of what we do.  We hand pick products we feel will improve the quality of people’s lives. In this article we’re sharing our experience with CBD Living’s Freeze. Our therapists have worked with thousands of clients, each with his or her own specific needs and we’ve got some insights they’ve shared specifically about CBD Living’s Freeze.


How to Apply CBD Living Freeze

CBD Living’s Freeze is a topical solution and as such some clients were skeptical about whether it would have lasting effect. As some topical products contain ingredients which give the sensation of relief, but it quickly wears.  However, these same clients were extremely pleased to learn CBD Living’s Freeze had a lasting effect.

Living Freeze is a roll on, which makes it very easy to apply. Harder to reach areas may require some assistance. However most users were pleased with its application method in general. The product itself does not leave a residue, it’s not greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly. it won’t leave you smelling like wintergreen like some drug store products and ointments that rely on Capsaicin as the active ingredient.

These clients used 120mg of full spectrum nano-CBD. Nano technology allows the CBD to enter the body faster and more efficiently by making it smaller and more soluble. In real sciency terms, according to the NCBI as a result of using nanomedicine “not only efficacy will increase because each and every effector will be acted upon but also side effects will be minimized.”


Initial Sensation when using CBD Living Freeze

The first things users notice is the menthol, which offers a soothing tingling, cooling effect, normally a few seconds after application. This is experienced by all users no matter where they apply Living Freeze or for what purpose. There are other ingredients including tea tree oil, aloe vera extract, arnica extract and vitamin E  provide an overabundance of healing on their own which help to create a “cooling sensation”. All of these ingredients work with the CBD to provide immediate relief for muscle tension, injury, sore muscles, and some arthritic conditions as described below.



Back Pain & What Users Reported

Back pain is one of the most common complaints individuals have, whether it’s a result of a past injury or poor posture for an extended period of time it does plague many.  The cool, soothing feeling initially, but lasting relief has allowed many to discontinue the use of prescription pills for the pain and taking on a new roll on regimen with Freeze.


Foot Pain & What Our Users Had to Say

After working all day on my feet, one user reported extreme soreness and stiffness due to plantar facia.   They started applying the product regularly and explained their feet felt renewed,  their legs were not stiff and sore.


Sports Injuries & How Users Felt

It’s not uncommon for individuals with sports injuries to look for relief that allows them to stay active and not feel punished for doing what they enjoy.  CBD Living Freeze has been used by many athletes and sports enthusiasts who suffer from knee or muscle pain.  After a workout many will apply it and boast how it’s been a “game changer” allowing them to recover from their workout without distress.



The Overall Feedback On CBD Living Freeze

At first many were skeptical because it seemed just “too easy” but after use, the overwhelming majority changed their minds about how a topical could provide long lasting relief and help the body recover from injury or through activity. Many had tested a number of products over the years that did not live up to their expectations. All users found it convenient and easy to use. Unlike many pain killers, it did not have side effects.  They considered this to be a simple and effective product that improved their quality of life.


Learn more about CBD Living Freeze and how it can make sense for you by reaching out to one of our coaches which are available for a free consult online.


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